A Dagwood Panini

Well, my husband is getting a little unimpressed with my panini experimentation. While I LOVE paninis, he doesn't really care for them. I know that. But I still keep making them. The other day, he asked if I could make him a "dagwood" - you know a sandwich piled high with lots of meat and cheese and veggies - so big that it's hard to fit it in your mouth. Well, he said "dagwood" and I thought to myself "dagwood panini." That's not quite what he was thinking. He always eats what I put in front on him without a fuss and is always grateful for what I make, but I could just see in his eyes that he was thinking, "Oh, dear God, why can't I just have a regular dagwood? I'm tired of that panini maker!" So, next time it's cold sandwich for him. But really? How could he not love this???

This one had chicken breast, ham, salami, American cheese, tomato, spinach, sliced eggplant and spicy mustard.


  1. Hey there.... Found you on the Crock Pot Diaries facebook page. I have the same issue with my husband! He is quite sick of my slider obsession - as well as my Mexican food and "dipping" themes.

    Love the blog



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